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Professional team advantage

The company currently has more than 2,000 employees, including more than 500 national and Hong Kong and Macao registered professionals, including 317 national registered supervision engineers.

● There are 284 senior (including senior) professional titles, and about 786 intermediate professional titles;

● 10 doctors, 32 masters, 623 undergraduates, 317 junior colleges;

● There are 317 national registered supervision engineers, including 2 Chinese engineering supervision masters (64 nationwide and 5 in Shanghai);

● 65 national registered cost engineers; 22 Shanghai registered bidding engineers;

● 12 British Chartered Builders; 8 Royal Chartered Surveyors; 10 Hong Kong Building Surveyors; 9 Hong Kong Quantity Surveyors

● There are 21 registered consulting engineers, 109 first-class registered constructors, and 4 first-class registered structural engineers.


Expert resource advantages

The company currently has dozens of on-the-job experts, whose majors involve architecture, structure, construction, materials, equipment, information, municipal and engineering cost, etc. The professional team composed of , professors and doctors provides all-round and high-tech support for each engineering consulting project of the company throughout the whole process, and has made outstanding contributions to fulfilling the company's value-added service commitments outside the contract.

For more than ten years, in addition to providing technical and management support in response to project needs, the expert team has also participated in a number of technical and management-level problems at the request of the owner, and specialized technical issues The research is a normal work carried out by this team in response to the overall arrangement of various professional associations and companies. Hundreds of professional papers are the crystallization of the team's involvement in project services, and the maximization of project benefits is the service purpose of this team. Professional The professional service has won unanimous praise from the industry authorities and has also accumulated a lot of rich experience.

The field of large-scale public construction projects is currently the company's dominant business field in the domestic large-scale consulting industry. Deep foundation pit, mass concrete, curtain wall, steel structure, electromechanical, decoration, engineering survey and other professional accumulation have accumulated a lot of valuable management and technical experience. These experiences and experiences or feelings are directly used and used by the supervision team of subsequent similar projects, forming a benign rolling knowledge chain of our company in large-scale public building projects.

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