Shanghai Planetarium Project
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Shanghai Planetarium Project

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  • Project overview
  • Project location

The final location of this project is located in the NHC105 community of Lingang New City, north to the green belt of C3 Road (Huanhu 3rd Road), west to the green belt of Lingang Avenue, south to the boundary of Chunlian River and the public green space, and east to the east of Lingang Avenue About 394 meters. The surrounding environment of the site selected for this project is superior and meets the requirements for the construction of a planetarium.

  • Project positioning
  1. Overall positioning

To create an astronomical science popularization platform with the mission of improving the public's scientific literacy, focusing on visiting the frontiers of cosmic science, realizing a shocking display experience, and building a unique astronomical education, and constructed with the concept of modern display education.

At the same time, the Shanghai Planetarium aims to become a professional museum with distinctive characteristics of the times, rich astronomical knowledge, strong scientific communication capabilities, and widely loved by the public. The unique venue, as another branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, together with the Shanghai Natural History Museum, better interprets the relevance and superiority of the "three museums in one", and more effectively communicates the "three museums in one" to the public. The big theme of "nature, people and technology".

  1. Functional positioning

Astronomy is a popular science. The core function and ultimate goal of the Shanghai Planetarium is to educate the public about popular science and improve the scientific quality of the whole people. Specifically, it focuses on the following three functions:

Collection and display (basic) - collect precious meteorite specimens, lunar rock specimens, latest aerospace technology exhibits, classic observation instruments (ancient observatory, water transport observatory, Various types of exhibits and collections such as solar heat, Palan meridian, etc.) to convey the latest knowledge of astronomy and space science to the public; through modern digital media means to achieve a shocking and realistic viewing experience, to stimulate the public's curiosity and interest in astronomy favorite. Popular science education (core) - strengthen the combination of popular science, education, tourism, etc., rationally construct display education, actively expand activity education, and provide multi-level educational carriers for students with different needs, so as to train students to discover problems, think independently, and solve problems ability to further enhance the basic scientific literacy of citizens. Observation Research (Support) - Use modern advanced observation equipment such as walk-in solar telescopes, 1-meter-level reflecting telescopes, and laser lunar sounders to build an inter-library interactive platform for real-time observation of the global starry sky. The science popularization research team provides cutting-edge scientific support and observation experience for the science popularization display, content planning and educational activities of the planetarium.


  • Project construction content and scale

The main construction content of this project includes building a new 3-story main building (1 floor underground), with a construction area of 35,369.85 square meters; 1 building, a 1-story youth observation base, with a construction area of 911.5 square meters; , with a construction area of 944.3 square meters; a 3-story public observatory building, with a construction area of 467.47 square meters; a 2-story magic sun tower (1 floor underground), with a construction area of 396.5 square meters; a 1-story garbage house, with a construction area of 74.29 square meters rice. The total construction area of the project is 38163.9 square meters, of which the above-ground construction area is 25636.92 square meters, and the underground construction area is 12526.98 square meters.


  • Project construction cycle

The project proposal of Shanghai Planetarium was submitted for review in October 2013, and was approved by Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission in January 2014; in September 2015, it was approved by Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission for feasibility study; in July 2016, it was approved by Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction The preliminary design was approved by the committee; the construction permit was obtained in October 2016, and the construction project actually started in November 2016. It is planned to complete the construction and installation project in July 2019, and the construction period is about two years and eight months. After the construction and installation project is completed, the internal exhibition will start, and the exhibition project is expected to be completed in 2020. The venue is scheduled to officially open to the public in 2021.

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